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    Storing Parameter Values

    Mayank Aggarwal

      I have created a dashboard with tables containing editable fields. The values that I enter there in the editable fields are passed into different parameters in tableau. I have added a save button at the end of the table that will save the values I edited in the table to the defined parameters. I want to extract the saved parameter values in an excel.


      May I know how can I do that?


      Or where those values of the parameters are stored?


      Need a quick answer to this. Kindly reply soon.

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          Jonathan Drummey



          What you describe doesn't make sense, honestly. Tableau is at present a read-only tool so there's no such thing as a table with editable fields. The only run-time user-editable values are parameters and quick filter fields. You also write that the values entered into the fields "...are passed into different parameters in Tableau." Tableau parameters cannot be set via other user interactions, the only way to update parameter values on the fly is to use the Javascript API. And Tableau doesn't have the concept of a save button. Sometimes we can fake a button using a worksheet set up to look like an Action, in that case the Action must be a URL or Filter Action. If you're doing that and have a URL string that you want to use to write to Excel then you'd need to write your own web app code to receive the URL action and write back to Excel.


          When we set parameter values using Tableau Desktop or web editing on Tableau Server or Online and save the workbook then the values are saved in the workbook XML. However at runtime when users are interacting with a view and setting parameter values those values are not saved.