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    Interactive tools in Tableau

    Debasish PaiMazumder

      Hi All,

      I am developing an interactive tool in Tableau environment. I have a server where I would like to keep all my data. I would like to perform most of the calculation in my server (specially subsetting).

      For example: - I have data for all US counties. In my final tableau dashboard, I will have a filter which will choose the specific state, it will only extract the counties for that particular states in Tableau.

      How do I submit a request from Tableau to an external server (in this case my server)?

      How to establish a link in Tableau to read csv data for counties/state and countries from a server?

      I am aware of web data connector in Tableau to pull data from website.  IS it possible to extract subset of data from external server using web data connector according to the filter in dashboard?

      How to choose different files from external server based on Tableau dashboard filters (like different types of crop for counties)? 

      Any Solution?

      with regards