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    sync online cannot be done with tableau online - Tableau Data Engine Error: 10000: Path does not exist

    Andy Kwok

      We are trying to publish a data source from a Tableau desktop version to tableau online and especially to synchronize the extraction, to have it run every 15mn.


      We've managed to do only once.


      Since that, we tried to publish other datasource and get them synchronized and every time, we faced the same error.


      Tableau Data Engine Error: 10000: Path does not exist.


      Parsing's Tableau's KB, we found the same issue here but without any silver bullet...


      We've tried the following


      • Uninstall Tableau desktop
      • Delete the remaining folders from the Tableau uninstall
      • reboot the machine, on which Tableau is installed
      • reinstall Tableau desktop
      • Did all the publishing again


      Not sure what else I can do...


      Any tips are more than welcomed.


      If it needs to be precised, we are doing the extract from a postgres database through tableau desktop.