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    Qtrly Analytics Leadership Conference in DSM

    Brandon Ohlaug

      I just got the invite to the next meeting which is May 19th in DSM.  You can reach out to Matt Spackman (Matt.Spackman@kumandgo.com) if you are interested or need more information.

      Here is the plan for the next session

      We have two guests, Joni Wallace and Joseph Engler, who will be joining us from Rockwell Collins to describe how they’ve established a data science and machine learning group.
      Given the explosion of data production, computational power, storage capabilities, and supporting technology, data science is recognized as a critical growth area in the manufacturing industry. In this session, Joni Wallace discusses how Rockwell Collins, a global leader in aviation and IT systems, developed a data science and machine learning practice. She explores the opportunities and challenges of creating a new IT service offering, addresses the maturity curve from small data to deep learning, and shares how agile software development processes benefit data science programs and projects. Colleague Dr. Joseph Engler, Principal Data Scientist, examines the future of data science, the inevitable march towards true artificial intelligence and how innovating with data drives efficiencies in the aerospace and defense industry.