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    Filter and eliminate

    Alex Martino

      I have six categories. I want to filter two of them from the entire workbook. I don't want them to appear. I would like users to be able to choose from only four of the categories. However, when I say show filter, it shows everything and the filtered ones are crossed out. Can I make it so they can just manipulate the ones that have NOT been filtered out?

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          Shinichiro Murakami

          Hi Alex


          I used "Ship Mode" in this example.

          Trying to show two items out of four.



          Duplicate the field.


          And put both fields to filter shelf.

          Then, show filter for "Ship Mode 2"




          Change filter mode to "Only relevant value"



          When you filter "Ship Mode"

          You see only two items out of four in this case.



          Once you hide "Ship Mode"


          It shows only filtered items.



          With "Show Filter" on "Ship Mode", you can see full list.