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    How to plot current time sales data with exactly 1 week old data for the same time!

    yagyavrat Sharma
      01/04/20161:30 PM1200
      01/04/20162:00 PM1400
      02/04/20161:30 PM1300
      02/04/20162:00 PM1250
      03/04/20161:30 PM1100
      03/04/20162:00 PM1500
      04/04/20161:30 PM1350
      04/04/20162:00 PM1300
      05/04/20161:30 PM1400
      05/04/20162:00 PM1100
      06/04/20161:30 PM1250
      06/04/20162:00 PM1175
      07/04/20161:30 PM1350
      07/04/20162:00 PM1400
      08/04/20161:30 PM1375
      08/04/20162:00 PM1200


      I am trying to plot 8th April data, with corresponding time with exactly 1 week old data  (That is 1st April).  One thing is 8th April is not current date it can be any date and we should draw comparison with exactly one week old sales for the  date.