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    Making a poor man's trend line, w/o table calculations or trend (10.2)

    Kwame .

      I would like to visually display a trend line as well as use Tableau's Forecast feature.


      However, the tool tip that is displayed by Tableau's trend line can not be modified or removed so it would create more confusion for my intended audience. I can not use Tableau's trend line feature.


      In that vein I would like to create a poor man's trend line by calculating the slope between the first and last point in a timeseries and runnign a line through it. Because I am using forecasting I can not use table calculations, I believe. Accuracy (in terms of linear regression) is less important here.


      I've attached a work book with my failed attempt, wherein I tried to use LOD to take only the first and end of the timeseries and fix a value on those two points. If that was successful I was going to convert to a line (or area) mark. The LOD expression was `{FIXED MIN([Order Date]), MAX([Order Date]): [Profit]}` but that includes double aggregations...