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    YOY Calc

    Tim Mullady


      I wanted to see if someone can help me with YOY calculation for travel industry.  The tricky thing is travel uses two dates (booking date and travel date).


      If I use just booking date the calculation works fine but I can't limit the travel dates.



      Here is the dates I use in a SUMIF calculation in excel.


      TRAVEL BEG DATE1/1/20171/1/20161/1/20171/1/20161/1/20171/1/20161/1/20171/1/2016
      TRAVEL END DATE12/31/201712/31/201612/31/201712/31/201612/31/201712/31/201612/31/201712/31/2016
      BOOKING BEG DATE1/23/20171/25/20161/23/20171/25/20161/30/20172/1/20161/30/20172/1/2016
      BOOKING END DATE1/29/20171/31/20161/29/20171/31/20162/5/20172/7/20162/5/20172/7/2016


      Its summing together weekly 2017 booking for travel in 2017 in the first column.  Then summing together weekly 2016 bookings for travel in 2016 in the second column.


      I do the actual YOY% calculation in tableau with a calculated feild.


      The sumifs take a tremendous amount of time in excel and I would like to do calculations in tableau.


      Any information would be greatly appreciated.





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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Tim,


          Do you have a sample packaged workbook to share?  Packaged workbooks: when, why, how  and if you could share the version of Tableau in use, this would also help a great deal.


          In this case, providing a sample workbook of a few weeks of sample data and the expected outcome  from Excel so we can verify that the reports match up and do the same thing, would provide the tools needed for the community to engage on some solutions with you.