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    Wanted: Speakers, Locations for DENVERtug Q3, Q4 Mtgs

    Denise Peck

      Q1 2017 Meeting Was A Success!

      Many thanks to University of Colorado Denver, University of Colorado Boulder, InterWorks and Ablaze Group for yet another great afternoon of learning, networking, and of course, fun! Close to 90 people attended. DENVERtug thrives and continues to grow. It's one of the largest and longest standing in the US. Why? DENVERtug is group of smart, savvy, friendly Tableau enthusiasts who are willing and able to share their Customer Success Stories. C'mon, join us, see what all the excitement's about. DENVERtug is looking for locations for Q3 and Q4 2017 as well as speakers. If you or your organization want to host or tell your Tableau Customer Success Story, reach out to Denise right away.