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    Calculate dynamic changing values. (sample template and data is shared)

    Ansar Mohiuddin Mohammed

      Hello All,


      I have 2 challenges here.

      1)My client has fiscal calendar, so my monthly report has different number of days each month. I have to calculate Day and Days left in tableau. I am not able to generate days left which is basically opposite of Day. I am able to calculate Day using quick Table calculation (moving calculation-> sum). Any suggestions how to do Days left?


      2) I have a column Pacing % sum. which is a calculated field in sample report template. To do the same is challenging in Tableau because first row is a 'sum' of all Toll% column and from 2nd onwards the calculation changes to is difference of previous values and toll % for the particular day.


      Attached Sample template and data will help you guys understand better.


      Thanks folks!