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    Calculation - removing a dimension (number) from another dimension (number) in order to arrive at a total

    mehul chaudhari



      I need help doing a calculation in Tableau. I am looking for Personal Training Conversion percentage (PT/Total memberships). Total memberships contain all new Basic and all new Fitness memberships. I need to remove a dimension category from the all new Basic number (also a dimension). With in the Basic number any downgrades need to be removed.



      1. the 290 contains downgrades that need to be removed and then I need to have the PTC% calculation. 40/290=13.79%. There were 36 downgrades so the calculated field should be where 290-36= 254 for a calculation PTC% of 40/254= 15.75% instead of the 13.75%. This needs to be applied to all clubs.