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    correct data on tableau

    Nabeel Lone

      Hi,  I am struggling in getting correct data from database. I have build up a relation but the corresponding data on data table is false. It is not showing correctly. Also, number of rows cannot be increased. I am a beginner and kindly help me in getting out of this problem.

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          Sujay Paranjpe

          Hi Nabeel,


          Happy to help you but will need more information. Please follow below guidelines and provide more details so that I can help.


          If you require further guidance, please attach a packaged workbook showing your progress so far, so that the community can review the structure of your data and view, validate proposed solutions, and post examples in return. For more information on why we ask for this, please read this informative thread:

          (Why we ask for a workbook, and WHY I ASK FOR YOUR TABLEAU VERSION!! )


          For help on creating a packaged workbook, please see this help article:Packaged Workbooks


          If your workbook contains personally identifiable information or sensitive data, please watch this video to learn how to anonymize your data prior to sharing a workbook:

          Anonymize your Tableau Package Data for Sharing


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