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    Spot Surveys During TUGs

    Anthony Chamberas

      There are a core group of members that come to each of my Boston TUGs, but the vast majority of attendees are new or infrequent.  In order to better understand my audience, I will administer spot surveys asking three questions:


      1. How long have you used Tableau?
      2. What is your role as a Tableau user? (developer, analyst, business)
      3. How many people are in your organization?


      I use Google Forms to create this survey.  This has several benefits:


      1. It is automatically mobile optimized, so attendees can fill it out on their phones
      2. It automatically sends results to Google Sheets
      3. It is very easy to use.


      I connect a Tableau workbook to the Google Sheet that tracks the survey results, and refresh it while attendees are filling out the survey.  This gives me instant insight to who is in the audience.  Finally, I use the Google URL shortener to generate a more manageable URL for attendees to enter into their devices.


      Attached is packaged workbook showing the results of the survey in a recent meeting.  In this survey, I also included a fourth optional question requesting questions from the audience.


      This is a link to the Google Form: Tableau Survey