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    Exporting a filtered text table from Tableau Server

    Robert Marchwinski


        I'm looking for some help with regards to viewing and exporting data from a filtered text table. I have built a lookup tool in Tableau that does the following:

      • Users select from a number of filters what they are interested in.
        • These filters include single value dropdowns, multiple value dropdowns, and a wild card filter.
      • Based on the users selection, a Text Table displays specific orders that match those criteria and a few important pieces of information.
      • All of this lives on Tableau Server.


      My question is, once the user has made the filters and selections, is there an easy way for them to download just the data being displayed in the table? In the attached workbook, I've built out a similar example using the superstore data. I have selected a number of entries in the filters and the table now shows 11 orders. But if I click on a sales value, I can view and save only the specific row I've selected, not the entire table. Am I missing an easy way to get this done? I know that using a URL I can download the entire data set, and I saw some examples of including parameters and filters in the URL but I wasn't sure how to do that with USER selected filters.


      Thank you so much for any direction!