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    Displaying column names as Rows

    Suresh Reddy

      Hi All,


      I have a simple report as shown below.


      I want to display the above results as below on the worksheet.

      Its looks like a simple one but I could not able to figure out .

      Could any one please help me on this.

      Thanks in Advance.





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          Sara Sparks

          Hi Suresh!


          There is a way to create this kind of report, but it isn't as robust as you would hope. It works alright if you are only looking at displaying one "row" of data (i.e. one customer), but it gets muddled when you need to display multiple records.


          We can put a unique field (like "Customer ID") on the Rows shelf, and then add the fields we want to display as text on the Marks Card. In order to display "Headers" (like "Customer ID", "Customer Name" and "Country") we need to create a second sheet, using the same method as the first. We can then place both sheets on a dashboard, to get an approximation of the stacked style. Unfortunately, if these need to scroll, the sheets will do so independently, which is why it doesn't work as well for multiple records.


          I've attached the workbook, which uses the proposed solution. Hope this helps!



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