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    Security filters to give more than 1000 users

    kusa Adigarla



      Having issues with security filter while need to give row level security filters for 1000s' of users.


      Suppose i have a data like below,


      Head                  Manager                           Emplyee

      H1                          M1                                     E1

      H1                          M1                                     E2

      H1                          M4                                     E5

      H2                          M2                                     E3

      H2                          M3                                     E4


      Like this we have 200 heads, 1000 managers and 10k+ employees,


      H1 wants to view only his related Managers(M1&M4) and employees(E1,E2 and E5) Data.Not others data.

      Same way M1 wants to view only his related employees(E1&E2) data.

      same way Employee himself needs to view his data not others.

      I know it can be done this by user filters manually but when have 200 heads, 1000 managers and 10k users it is very complicated to set user filters manually.

      It should be hierarchical user filter.

      Is there any best way to set up user filters dynamically?