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    How to show the difference between top values of 2 years?

    Mei Tzy KEK

      Hi Tableau Community,


      I am trying to complete a seemingly easy task to show the difference between a particular TV channel's #1 TV program of Chinese New Year (CNY) 2017 in comparison to CNY 2016.


      I tried the table calculation method but can't get it correctly. Perhaps it was because there are some complexities behind my works, i.e. TV programs of similar start time are first grouped together to show program's average ratings, and then they are ranked and filtered to show only the top 1 program (of selected genres) of each channel in each year.


      Attached is the said twbx workbook in version 9.3. Appreciate it if you could suggest a solution to refine the viz.


      Thank you!



      Mei Tzy