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    Sparkler connect to Tableau online Fail

    kei chang

      i step by "SalesforceCanvasAdapterforTableau(Sparkler)_v1-04".

      when i set "sparkler.tableau.usetrustedtickets" to false step by doc,can't see connect status.

      if set to true ,status follow, someone have any solution to solve it


        Sparkler Status

        Container Type: Tomcat
          Parameter     Value

          sparkler.app.statuspage    true

          sparkler.sfdc.consumersecret    **************1697

          sparkler.sfdc.emaildomainsallowed    @XXXX.com

          sparkler.sfdc.useridentifierfield    email

          sparkler.tableau.host    10az.online.tableau.com

          sparkler.tableau.issecure    true

          sparkler.tableau.port    443

          sparkler.tableau.siteroot    /#/site/org

          sparkler.tableau.test.username    XXXX@XXXX.com

          sparkler.tableau.usetrustedtickets    true
         Tableau Server: https://10az.online.tableau.com:443

             User: XXXX@XXXX.com

         Proxy Server: none


         Tableau Server Connection: [fail]

            Reason: Invalid trusted ticket.  ticket=-1