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    How to add a dynamic message

    arvind jain

      Hi Guys,


      I am showing a trend in tableau report and there I want to a comment


      Comment is : Current is X and Target is Y


      This X is Y and is calculated field in one data source. So As soon as I change month accordingly this value should get change.


      Any suggestion.

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          Jamieson Christian



          You can incorporate data into many different places on your dashboard: view titles and captions, tooltips, labels (marks and, to a limited degree, reference lines), and dashboard title / text elements (restricted to global elements only, e.g. parameters).


          If you're looking to have your comment appear right on the dashboard, you can incorporate it into a view title / caption, or create a view specifically to generate the copy. The latter will consist of a Mark Label consisting of your copy (click the Label box and then click the ellipsis "…" to edit the exact label content), and a placeholder in the Rows and Columns shelves just so you can turn off "Show Headers" to get rid of unwanted window dressing.


          DISCLAIMER: The above recommendation is given blind, since you have not included a packaged workbook for review. If you want more specific guidance, you will need to attach a packaged workbook so that we can review your content and validate proposed solutions. For more information: Why we ask for a workbook, and WHY I ASK FOR YOUR TABLEAU VERSION!! For help on creating a packaged workbook, please see the Tableau online help article: Packaged Workbooks


          I hope this helps.