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    How to treat following Twitter datestring to convert into DATEPARSE timestamp

    Adrian Baillie-Stewart


      • I am using an approved student version of Tableau Desktop Professional
      • Version: 10.1.5 (latest at time of this post)
      • Numbers (i.e. math) and calculations are not my field of natural ability (or understanding). I have to use YouTube videos to teach myself everything. I am busy with a masters thesis in Journalism, and a large Twitter data-set is part of my topic of focus: a study of student protest in South Africa (tweets mined using hashtag "#FeesMustFall"). I am working with about 380 000 Tweets, processing and data-analysing them in Tableau.
      • Based on point (above), any further recommendations for learning tools (videos, forums, and connectivity to other interested persons) would be most helpful.
      • I would also be most thankful to work with somebody whom I could liaise with for more help with my use of Tableau on an ongoing basis — i.e. by possibly sharing a packaged workbook.



      How do I treat the following (awkwardly formatted) Twitter (date & time) text string in order to convert into into a functional (using DATEPARSE) timestamp?


      The date & time text string exists as an ("Abc" text field" in the following format — Example "2015-10-15T07:23:49.000Z". This denotes the time the Tweet was created.


      The somewhat uncharacteristic "T" and the ".000" has been embedded in all the "Created At" (date & time) text string tweets, so when I try to create a Timestamp using a DATEPARSE calculation, it doesn't work.


      The DATEPARSE notation that I am using is as follows: "DATEPARSE ("yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:ss",[Created At])"


      Please help!




      Thank you

      Adrian Baillie-Stewart

      Masters Student at Stellenbosch University

      Stellenbosch South Africa