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    Schedule Refresh Based on Event/Trigger

    Ross Moffitt

      Is it possible to schedule an extract/workbook data refresh (as in execute the custom SQL) based on an event/trigger/autosys?


      Or does it only allow you to schedule based on time?



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          Glen Robinson

          Hi Ross

          You can use Tabcmd to refresh extracts, so this can be triggered when a process / batch  has completed

          tabcmd refreshextracts

          See link for details

          tabcmd Commands


          tabcmd can be installed on any windows PC / server, so can be run by Autosys, etc


          If you create a schedule which the extracts are assigned to. Ensure that this schedule is disabled, so that it never runs, and then run it using tabcmd when you need it.

          Hope this makes sense

          All the best