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    Is there a way to removed content owner's special rights?

    Damien Lesage



      Being a content owner has advantages. They can get full access to the content they've published which includes:

      • Subscribing other the workbook/views
      • Read (Edit if not locked) permissions
      • Update the owner
      • Trigger a new refresh extract


      I would like to the 2 first permissions but I want to get rid of the two last. Especially, we don't want our users to be able to trigger a new refresh as it can increase the latency of other extracts and add load to the server. Is there a way to disable this while keeping the two first capabilities?


      If not, we plan to duplicate all our users to keep some kind of ownership with no special rights for the actually logged user... Which is annoying since it means we'll have to manage more things (i.e. subscriptions) out of Tableau Server.