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    What's the best way to replace a table with another table in a data source with identical structure?



      I am using Tableau 10.1. I am using live connection to connect to Hadoop using Impala. My data source has tables that will need to be replaced with another tables with identical structure. Please note that the connection of the data source  (DB server name, database name etc.) won't change but only table(s) will be replaced. As I replace the existing table(s) with new table(s), all the references to fields (such as filters etc.) used from the original table(s) are lost. Its almost impossible to manually make those changes. What's the best process? I came across a thread Changing a table name in a SQL Server connection  which suggests that the table(s) name can be replaced by opening the TWB file in a text editor which seems to work but is it recommended by Tableau? Are there any limitations/drawback with this approach? Appreciate your help as I am relatively new to Tableau!