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    Difference between quick filters and action filters

    Priscilla Camp

      Just wondering if anyone has some in depth knowledge about filters?


      I will start with some basic questions:


      1.  What is the difference between quick filters and action filters? From what I understand, action filters are what you set in the dashboard, and quick filters are created in the view when you add them to the filter pane. Is this correct?


      2.  What exactly is happening under the hood? For instance, I noticed when you set an action filter, this filter is shown in the view in the filters pane with two circles. What exactly is going on? 


      3.  Are there any good articles that explains filters in depth?


      Please let me know if I have to clarify any of my questions.


      Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.

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          Lisa Li

          Hey Priscilla,


          1. You are correct. For both filters, you can apply them to multiple worksheets. With quick filters, you can show the filters on a dashboard or in a worksheet and change your view based on the selections made on the filters. Quick filters can be built off dimensions and measures. Action filters on the other hand are applied through actions made on the dashboard (selecting or clicking on a view). These action filters can highlight, show menu options, or exclude values like quick filters do.

          2. The filter pane allows you to do additional changes to action filters (adding them to context for instance).


          Hope this helps!


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