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    Dynamically Hide Null Columns

    Todd Moses

      I've got a crosstab with dynamic row headers.


      Based on the user's selection, they either get "B" values as the first row header and Null as the second row header, or "A" values as the first row header and "B" values as the second:





      Is there a way to dynamically hide the null row header so that I'm not left with a blank space in my crosstab?

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          Lisa Li

          Hey Todd,


          You can try rebuilding your dashboard so you only drag one field onto the view.


          Assuming you're using a parameter (I'll call this [user selection]), build a calculated field off of the parameter.

          If [user selection] = "A Values" then [A Values]

          elseif [user selection] = "B Values" then [B values]



          If that doesn't work, your data is probably architected differently than I expected. Would you be able to upload your dashboard with dummy data perhaps?



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