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    Custom SQL Date Parameter - Bigquery -FROM clause with table wildcards matches no table

    Will Bouzek

      I'm connecting Tableau to Bigquery through Custom SQL.


      The query runs fine when the FROM clause is formatted as below:


      FROM (TABLE_DATE_RANGE([xxxx.ga_sessions_], TIMESTAMP('2017-02-01'), TIMESTAMP('2017-02-01')))


      However I would like to replace the dates within TIMESTAMP with parameters selected by user:



      FROM (TABLE_DATE_RANGE([xxxx.ga_sessions_], TIMESTAMP(<Parameters.bigquery_start_date>), TIMESTAMP(<Parameters.bigquery_end_date>)))


      My parameters are set as Date > Custom Format > yyyy-mm-dd, however the query throws the error below:


      FROM clause with table wildcards matches no table



      Can anyone please advise?