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    Tableau Server SAML ADFS Login Page cycling

    Joseph Bertram

      Hi Everyone,


      We have an intermittent issue where our Tableau Server login screen gets in a loop on the invalid credentials screen.  We have SAML configured with MS ADFS.  When you first try to access the server via a browser, you see the login page briefly and then it goes to the invalid credentials page.  If you hit login again, it cycles to the SAML login page, but then immediately goes back to the invalid login page without allowing the user to type in credentials. 


      It happens randomly and we aren't able to reproduce it on demand.  Closing the browser and re-opening seems to resolve the issue.


      We had two questions:

      1) Is this a know bug and is there a fix? 

      2) If we happen to find a user who has this issue and know the time it occurred, which log files contain detailed error messages?  We checked a few of the logs in the logs folder but we weren't able to identify any error records.