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    Tableau live datasource issues

    Abhinav Singhal

      Hi All,

      I am trying to address a fundamental issue with data sources in Tableau on Live vs extracts. Essentially we have different databases with millions of records. The final reports or dashboards on server need data from these databases ( Oracle + Sybase). We end up binding data sources and hence the query itself takes time to execute.


      The fundamental question is if we want to provide realtime data to user then these queries still need to execute everytime with huge amount of data. Hence report will run slow.

      In live mode these queries will execute more frequent vs extracts as extracts are scheduled so the load on server will be less.


      This seem to be a trade off between how current is data  vs how much load we want to put on Tableau server.

      Any suggestion on this topic?

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          Chris McClellan

          Do the users REALLY need realtime data ? (as in "up to the second") ... most businesses are "OK" with refreshes every 1 or 4 or 12 hours.


          If they really want up to the second data, how many new records are created per minute ?


          Would it be easy to have the old data in a certain place (extract ?) and the new data in a live connection .... again, this depends on your dashboard design and what you're really trying to do.