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    Date Source: Matrix form ---> Is that possible?

    Julia Balkheimer



      I have the follwing date source structure



      Business UnitCountryMetric01.01.201602.01.2016
      BU1USAMetric 115
      BU2USAMetric 226
      BU1GERMetric 137
      BU2GERMetric 248


      In case I select filter BU1 for the metric 1  I want tableau to add all values over the whole time span. Tabelau should calculate 1+5 +3+7. Currently Tableau builds the sum for 01.01.2016, because it recognizes each column as a field. This is for me incorrect, because the it sums up over multiple metrics.


      Is there way to allow tabelau to read a maztrix form ?




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          Jim Dehner

          Hi Julia


          You can do something like a calculated field Total>>Sum([01.01.2016]) + sum([02.01.2016])


          Which would result :



          But a better way would be to pivot the data by going to the data source tab and highlighting the 2 date columns -

          Then right click the header and click pivot data

          Then rename the the pivoted columns to Date and Values

          And convert the Date column to data type "Date"

          This way out could have a series of dates and take advantage of all the date functions


          I have attached a t 10.1 workbook

          Let me know if this helped