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    Calculation - LOD?

    Anu Chandra



      Below is the data coming to my tableau. I have a calculation to put each projects into a Category, but because some of my projects are meeting more than one condition in my calculation, projects are getting duplicated in my category view. For example in the below data, I want project to be Group1 and move on to the next project but that's not happening. So my IF THEN ELSEIF END is not quite working the way I expect because of projects are being duplicated in the source. One of my colleague asked me to use LOD for Project and Type but I have never done LOD. What would be the best way to deal with this problem? Any input is highly appreciated.


      Here is my calculation: So once the Project is counted in the first ELSEIF, I do not want it to be counted in the second ELSEIF


      ELSEIF  ([DISTRICT] = "Phoenix" AND [ACCT_TYPE] <> "Carrier"

          AND ([PRIMARY_TYPE] = "Hospitality WiFi"

          OR CONTAINS([PRIMARY_TYPE], "Managed WiFi")))  THEN "Group1: Hospitality-WiFi"


      ELSEIF ([DISTRICT] = "Phoenix" AND [ACCT_TYPE] <> "Carrier"

          AND [SERVICEABILITY] = "On Net"  AND [TRANSPORT_CATEGORY] = "Fiber")   THEN "Group3: Fiber-OnNet"



      1234Fiber OnGroup2