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    Action filter across multiple data sources

    Ian Conlon

      I'm looking to create a dashboard based on a couple different data sources. The first data source provides a list of all users in my organization and the customers to which they are connected. The second shows each customer and all of their transactions in the system. I'd like to build a dashboard that allows a user to click on their user ID and then view a set of customer transactions for customers to whom they are connected. I've attached a sample packaged workbook to illustrate what I mean. It appears that the only way to do this is to make sure that customer ID is included in the level of detail for the user screen, but this means that there will hundreds of thousands of marks on this simple "user select" screen, when all I'd really like to have is one mark per user. Is there any way to accomplish this cross-datasource filtering without having the other variable included in the detail?


      Note that the sample workbook is just an example (not real data). If I only had about 20 users and each were only connected to about 5 or so employees, I'd just build a single data source that has one row for each user-customer-transaction. In my case, I have hundreds of users, many connected to thousands of customers, and each customer having potentially hundreds of transactions. I'd prefer to have a small, streamlined table that documents user-customer relations and keep the customer transactions in a separate data source, as opposed to having so much duplicated information in a single data source.