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      Hi Tableau experts,


      Need help..!! We have developed few reports with lot many calculations and it is an Extract Connection. But now, we want to make it Live so wanted to increase the performance by moving the calculations into Semantic Views and then pulling to Tableau.

      Here comes the problem.


      for example,

      Previous scenario(Cal prepared in Tableau): calculation used in view shows as AGG(cal)

      Present scenario(after moving the calculation to semantic as a col)- The calculation is coming to tableau as a measure, which when used in view is going as SUM(Cal) and here is what my question is. sum(cal),avg(cal),count(cal).....nothing is giving me the appropriate val as old scenario(AGG(cal))


      So how can I use columns which should give me the exact results as Previous scenario calculations.

      Please help me out on this.




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          shripal gandhi

          Hi Divya,


          Please see an example below :


          Calculated field


          ProfitRatio = SUM([Profit])/SUM([Sales]). Now when you export out the data with calculations, ProfitRatio field will no more be holding any formula.


          So, we will not get the required values with exported data.


          For addition, subtraction etc. Writing Calculated fields and exporting data works. i.e. Sum(Profit)  + Sum(Margin).


          Hope this helps

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            Allen Gapara

            It will be easier, if you post a workbook. Screen shots of what you have and what you expect, would also go a long way.

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              DIVYA TIKKISETTI

              Hi ,


              Thanks Shripal and Allen for the reply.


              Apologies..!! cant share the workbook due to confidential issues.


              Here are the screenshots.


              Previous:act-fct is a calculation(SUM([Turnover CY]) - SUM([expectFCT]) and is shown in tableau view as AGG(act-fct)


              Present:Now to avoid calculations and overload,calculations are moved to sematic layer(as columns) . Now those col's are coming as measures and

              bought to tableau view,

              It is going as SUM(act-fct)

              How can I get the accurate value of previous AGG(act-fct)