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    SUM function works, but what happens when I remove a dimension is beyond explanation

    Justin Pulley

      Calculated Field is named CO Amount


      IF ISNULL([Strip CO Amount])

          THEN ZN(FLOAT([Strip CO Amount]))

      ELSEIF CONTAINS([Root Cause Details], "Ded")

          THEN ZN(FLOAT([Strip CO Amount])*-1)

      ELSE FLOAT([Strip CO Amount])



      Strip CO amount strips the number from a string and then this formula checks if this was an additive or deductive change order

      SUM(CO Amount) is the text; I have tried both continuous and discrete with the same results


      I don't have the time to recreate the data needed to give an example workbook, but I have pictures of the problems I am seeing.

      Before sum issue.PNG

      Here is the breakout with the change order case number.  math works fine here for grand total

      After Sum issue.PNG

      when I remove case ID (because I have a dashboard that needs just this view) what in the name of holy heck just happened??  what is it even doing there?  There is no combination of 31286, 33580, -37025.45 that makes 41113.55; not average, not sum, not anything that I can reasonably come up with.



      Another problem, the data just disappears when multiple years are chosen:

      single year.PNG

      Single year... messed up sum, but still there


      Multipile Year.PNG


      Multiple years.... poof, gone.


      Tableau 10.1.5 what are you doing?!