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    summerize data: Special Data for running Projects with different running time.

    Britta Lietke

      Dear all,

      I do need some help regarding the set-up for the follwing calculatio: 


      I wanted to calculate a value over the whole Project Time. The table shall show only Project still running to a time 'X' (Year, Month). I want to enter time 'X' and want only see

      the Projects still running at time 'X'.



      X-Achse shall show all Projects running at time x.

      Y- Achse shall show the value of the whole Projects Time of the named Project.


      Project A started in Feb 2015

      Project B started in Jan 2012

      Project C started in Dec 2016

      Project D started in Jan 2017

      Project E started in July 2014 and fished Dec 2016


      I want to choose the date: Example: Time 'Feb 2017'

      Than the value should be shown for Project A, B, C, D.


      While Entering Time 'Dec 2016' the values of Project A, B; C, D and E shall be shown.


      how to set-up a logic for this?


      Many thanks in advance,

      Best regards,


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          Jim Dehner

          Hi Britta


          I have attached a t10.1 workbook -and will walk you through the steps here: The example is Superstore data

          1. Create a parameter "Enter Date - set it up on Date and us Month,year format
          2. Show the parameter on the viz
          3. Set up a Calculated field to check if the program is still open (I used ship date you would use finish date >>If [Ship Date]<[Enter date] then 0 else 1 end
          4. Make the Check field a dimension (just right click and convert to dimension)
          5. Drag the Check field to the filter shelf and set the filter to 1


          now you can create the view with the program names - I used order number just because it was a literal field


          Let me know if this helped