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    How to visualise customer information?

    Jethro Peskett



      I have a set of customer/lead information that I am trying to find a way of displaying how well developed our contacts are.


      The contacts are

      100 Firms,

      spread over 150 offices, (say 100 have products with us)

      within them are 1000 contacts, who may be directors, admins, or other staff

      of these we have marketing permissions for 800.


      I want to be able to show our sales agents how good our coverage is. how many firms who have products, do we have marketing permissions for someone within the office? If the key to a sale is being able to contact the directors, what is our coverage like? etc.


      Does anyone have any good ideas of how to visualise this?


      Many thanks in advance.

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          Jim Dehner

          Hi Jethro

          Lot of different ways you could go here - attached is a T10.1 workbook with some thoughts - it is based on Superstore data which does not contain individual contact information so you will have to do your imagination a bit


          The map includes a year filter and it filters the other charts - click on a city (could be sales territory) and the charts update to show the customers in the city - the number of products the individual product names, sales, profits, and a list of other cities where that customer is located - you could add or change out a chart the listed director contact information


          Let me know if this helps