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    Conditional Filter (Combined fields)

    Jose Silva



      I am trying to make a dashboard based on a quick filter but using a conditional filter.

      I have a data that contains three mayor groups (Groups, Category and Subcategory). The category “Shirt” has two categories “Blue and red” and these categories have some commons subcategories.


      As can be seen in the figure



      I would like to make a dashboard showing the scores for these subcategories, but when the client select the group “Shirt” and the category “Red” the only subcategories showed will be C and D; but I cannot exclude or hide the subcategories A and B from the view because these will be removed from the category “Blue “too and I need to show all the data for “blue”.



      How can I create a conditional filter that says: If category = Red then show C and D?


      Is this possible?

      I really appreciate any help.