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    Tableau Online Incremental Extract Refresh Not Working

    . Ctsuhako



      We are just starting to use Tableau Online. I have an ODBC connection to our data and have created a simple worksheet that shows products shipped over the last three years by year, month and day. I would like to create and publish an extract of this data to Tableau Online and have the schedule set to do an incremental refresh during the weekdays and a full refresh on Sundays. When I publish the workbook, it does create and extract but when I try to refresh it manually using the Online Sync Client I get this error message:

      Last Updated: Never

      Next Update: March 9, 6:00AM-Full

      Server: Our Server Name

      Type: genericodbc

      Unable to refresh the data source because of a query compilation

      Detail: Invalid field formula due to limitations in the data source. Unable to create extract.


      When I look at the Data Source info on Tableau Online I see:

      Name: POHDRTAB2

      Connects To: Name Unavailable

      Live/Last Extract: EXTRACT  "Date I tried manual refresh"

      When I drill down into the Data Source I see:

      Connects To: Name Unavailable

      Connection Type: Other Databases (ODBC)

      Authentication: Not embedded in connection


      I have tried removing all the information (Data Source, Workbook) and recreating everything, but I still get the same error.


      Please help!


      Thank you.