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    Published sub-extract refresh failing

    Varun Goel

      Hi community members,


      I have a workbook connected to a published extracted data source on tableau server. On this workbook, I made the data source as extract and added some extract filters so that the workbook can run off a smaller set of data instead of running off the big published data source.

      When I refresh the datasource of this workbook on my local copy it work fine, but when I publish this workbook on server and refresh its extract, it fails with the error "Connectionless Failure".


      Is it some kind of setting on the server which prohibits refreshing sub-extracts or am I doing something wrong here? I did embed the credentials and set "Allow Refresh" while publishing the workbook.


      Thanks for your help.



      Varun Goel

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          Hey Varun,


          Some troubleshooting steps to try would be to recreate the extract then republish and see if the issue still occurs. You also may want to contact support so they can investigate your logs.


          Some more questions:


          1. What version are you on?

          2. Is there custom SQL being used?

          3. What kind of data source is in use?