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    Finding someone who doesn't exist when an email bounces back to the Server Admin.

    Toby Erkson

      This is just a FYI for Tableau Server admins who have implemented VizAlerts.


      I was getting an undeliverable email error once a week for a couple of weeks.  No big deal, I figured it would go away once I processed the weekly terminations list I get from HR or when I deleted the Unlicensed users from the Tableau Server.  Nope.  Happened again this week so I knew there was something else going on.


      1. I checked out an admin workbook I have that shows who is subscribed to what.  No dice
      2. Not one word in the email subject line matched any view or workbook name (what are the odds).
      3. I went into the Tableau Server postgre db.  Nothing!   The person didn't show up in the System_users table.  The report name didn't exist in the Workbooks nor Views tables.  What the...???
      4. A tangent I went off on was looking at every tab in every workbook for every person in the To: line that had a Publisher role (luckily there was only one).  On each tab I looked at the Subscribe link and clicked the Manage link in the Current Subscribers part.  The mysterious person did not appear in any of the Subscriptions listed.
      5. Unable to quickly find out what was going on I wrote one of the people that were in the list of addresses as he is a good Desktop author who I figured wrote the report.  Sure enough, the author told me the missing person had recently left the company and he happened to mention, "I need to remove him from the vizalerts."  Whoa, I totally didn't think about that!  Problem solved.


      While the person was a full-time employee, they were not registered on our Tableau Server, thus their email address was legit even though I couldn't "find them" on the Server.


      At least you now know that if you can't figure out how an email is being sent and bouncing even though the person doesn't exist on the Server in the first place you can look to VizAlerts as a possible cause.  Now, how you find the offending report and let the author know...