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    Fixed number formating in filtering measure values

    Anna Conijn

      Dear smart people from and using Tableau,


      I have a question for your brilliant minds, because I can't find the answer.

      For my graduation I'm working at a company to make multiple dashboards in Tableau.

      I need to show a lot of different value per different category.


      Example: all in table form.

      Dashboard 1.1, currency values per Category A

      Dashboard 1.2, percentages values per Category A

      Dashboard 1.3, sum values per Category A

      Dashboard 2.1, currency values per Category B

      Dashboard 2.2, percentages values per Category B

      Dashboard 2.3, sum values per Category B



      What would be ideal is that I make 1 dashboard per category and then the user can use "Multiple value (dropdown) filter" to select the measure values they want to see.

      This is possible but, al my calculated fields like: Name = Sum of failed%,  calculation = 100/sum([Sent])*sum([Failed])/100

      Why the extra /100 I hear you think, because percentages does a *100 if you choose that format. and there is my problem...

      I format all the default formats per field (%, € and $) then save the workbook if I then close and open again the format is gone and trough my extra /100 you will see 0.


      Can one of your geniuses help me by explaining how I can create fixed number formats per different value in measure values so there can be filtered by measure values?


      Thank you in advance to take time to read this question.


      With Kind regards,