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    Refresh All Extracts isn't pulling in new month's data

    Michelle Harpole

      I am a new user of Tableau (inherited from a former employee). The data source that I am using is resident on a server, and I use ODBC to refresh the data each month. This is my third month to use Tableau.


      All that I have had to do in the past was to run the query in our AS400 system and then click on "Refresh All Extracts" in Tableau, and the new month's data would show up. This month, although the query does have February's data within it, I cannot get the data source to refresh in Tableau. I have had IT check the ODBC settings to make sure that everything is good on that end (it is), and I am still having the problem.


      Can anyone help? I have month end reports that should be sent out today that I can't finish because of this.


      Thank you in advance!

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          Jay Morehart

          What version of Server are you running? what is the setting for caching? have you you tried restarting tableau server?

          Also check the  "Status" pages of Tableau server >> "Background tasks for extracts" and see if it says they failed or succeeded.

          I have not used the refresh all extracts as all of ours are on schedules, but I did have issues with new data not showing in published reports when we had caching set to "Cache less often" I am running Server 10.1


          Hope this helps




          Just realized you never said anything about server. Are you only running Tableau desktop? if so, ignore the above recommendations.

          Sorry for any confusion,