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    Need to count overlaps in a dimension and combined set didn't work

    G Lambert

      I have a data set that has users listed by ID. The users have a dimension called platform that I've grouped into Mobile and Web. I need a distinct count of users that have Web, Mobile or Mobile and Web. I can see users with Mobile or Web, but I need to find out how many have both. I think this should be really easy, but I can't figure out how to get the number to show up in the Viz. I am on cold medicine, so maybe that's why. I've read a lot of discussions, but they don't seem to exactly work for this instance.


      I attached a sample data set using ID and the colors red and blue.


      I can easily see the users that have Red OR Blue. But how do I see the ones that overlap and have both? I tried a combined set but it didn't work.