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    Best Practices For Desktop, Project, Workbook, and View Structure

    Zach Gelnett

      Hi we are fairly new to tableau in my organization and are using Tableau Online to publish the workbooks/views we create in Tableau Desktop.


      We now have nearly 200 views published and are looking at re-organizing the online structure of projects/workbooks/views so that they are more directly tied to specific areas of our business processes.  As we are doing this is there any guidance for the best practices for when to create a new desktop workbook, how many desktop workbooks per project and the like?


      Specifically should we break out the desktop workbooks more and have one desktop workbook for each server side workbook.  Are there considerations we should keep in mind that make future maintenance easier, not only updating and adding new reports, but also setting up and scheduling the data refresh sync client.  Naming conventions to make it easier to find which desktop workbook ties to what online view/workbook/project.


      Any sort of guidance I could use as we go to reorganize what we have would be super helpful.