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    Tableau 9.0

    bakiaraj venkatachalam

      Objective: Read the JSON data in SQL SERVER 2012 as a varchar in Tableau 10.0.


      I am trying with Apache Drill for this purpose.


      Apache Drill is able to access the data from SQL Server 2012.

      Also able to connect Drill to Tableau 9.0 (higher version is not able to connect) but when i try to read the data in the Tableau getting the below error


      [MapR][Drill] (1040) Drill failed to execute the query: SELECT `TableB`.`C2` AS `CC` FROM `sqlserver.dbo`.`Table1` `TableB` GROUP BY `TableB`.`C2` [30029]Query execution error. Details:[ SYSTEM ERROR: NullPointerException [Error Id: 7ea761fc-dc91-4e58-9ccc-11c8b02f9642 on .....].


      Could you please guide me.