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    Dynamic Run Rate Calculations

    Lou Willsea

      New to the community, I have searched online and in here for an answer and not found an answer.


      I have a sales history file with TY and LY data. It is built at the SKU level, but can roll up to a brand, supplier, category, etc. In Excel I use a pivot table calculated field to build a run rate (TY/LY) that maintains accuracy as I move to those various levels of data aggregation.


      I have imported my data set into Tableau and attempted to do the same. However, at any level -- other than the lowest possible level of aggregation -- it appears to be summing up the individual run rates, and not giving me the actual one.


      Is there a workaround for this? Building each level of aggregation as a separate data set is not an option.



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          Simon Runc

          hi Lou,


          So in Tableau you need to let it know that you want to do this as an aggregate calculation...


          So it would be

          SUM([TY])/ SUM([LY])


          the same goes for Margin, Rate of Sales (Units per Store per Week)...well any ratio.

          The nice thing in Tableau, is that you have the option...eg. you could use [TY]/[LY], which would be a Row Level calculation, and then put these in bins, and count the products (so you'd get bins with, say, 0-10% Growth, 10-15% growth...etc. (I'm being positive and we don't get negative YoY products!!...but you can, of course have negative bins too).


          Hope that helps and makes sense.