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    grand totals for Aggregation of Time field of HH:MM:SS

    chakradhar kakani

      Hello Tableau Users,


      I wanted to find out if we can have grand totals for string calculation of time of HH:MM:SS.. Is there any workaround for grand totals..appreciate the help...I have kept the step by step of procedure


      1. First calculate the differen in seconds of the time fields


      2. The Calculate the HH:MM:SS using string calculations,



      Yes it is aggregating but i'm loosing grand totals because its not measure so i'm the using same procedure to calculate another HH:MM:SS field called Time Duration so now i have calculate the avg that is HH:MM:SS of session Duration / HH:MM:SS of Time suration..but both of them are string i'm unable to do that and also unable to get the grand total..