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    Overlap Map points

    Kym Mercier


      I am trying to figure out how to overlay maps. I am attaching what I have so far. What I want is the following;

      1. A map of the bus lines in Colorado. I have this down easily. It shows the stops and the route the lines are taking

      2. Count of employees per zipcode.


      Problem I am having:

      I can get a count per zipcode based on stops. What I cannot get is the count per zipcode that are not long the transit lines! I need to show all employees all over the state no matter what if the people are along the transit lines.


      I really need the lines to show as they are and then the counts to show as bubbles (or shapes) or something.


      Please help!

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          Yuriy Fal

          Hi Kym,


          Dots, lines and polygons are

          just (yet another) Mark Types.


          To have zipcodes on a (filled) map

          one needs the Marks for them --

          at least one for each zipcode.


          To draw the Marks one has to have

          a pair of (non-empty) Lat / Lon columns

          in the datasource (or as a row-level calc).


          Last but not least, one would like to draw

          those Marks on both panes of a Dual-Axis map,

          hence the modified Path Order calculation --

          with an added "path to nowhere" for the Null Route --

          covering all "orphan" zipcodes on the way.


          Please find the attached.

          Hope it helps.