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    CountD on Multiple Dimensions

    Christine Reges

      How do you do a COUNTD function (or another function) based on multiple dimensions fitting a specific condition. So I want to say check to see if the string "Dimension 1, Dimension 2, Dimension 3, and Dimension 4" are found multiple times, count as 1. For example, the following data in the table should reflect 1 "Open". I can't do COUNTD for email address because if that email shows up for a different event type or email, it shouldn't be counted as a duplicate.


      Any help would be great!!!


      Email AddressEmail NameEvent Type
      mary@gmail.com2017 PromoOpen
      mary@gmail.com2017 PromoOpen
      mary@gmail.com2017 PromoOpen
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          Jim Dehner



          it would be a bit easier to see more data but

          have your tried using an LOD expression like {Fixed [Email Name],[Event] : countd([Email Address}) }


          Haven't tested it but let me know if it works


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            Tom W

            I don't feel you've provided enough sample data to adequately answer this. As an example, you've stated the answer for this subset should be 1 because there's 1 Event Type of Open. In that case, running COUNTD([Event Type]) would give you an answer of one.

            If you're looking to count the distinct combination of email and event type though, you could just do COUNTD([Email Address]+"_"+[Event Type])