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    Customizing PDF Export Dialog Content on Tableau Server v10.1.3

    Jeff Bloomfield

      We have a Tableau Server cluster (one primary and two workers) that we are preparing to upgrade from version 9.1.11 to version 10.1.3.  We are embedding our dashboard within iFrames in our web portal, and have customized the PDF Export functionality so that users don’t have the ability to export individual worksheets:

      In the past we have always accomplish this by doing the following on the primary and both workers with the cluster stopped (on the cluster, the path is C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\worker.1\vizqlserver\public\v_91001606032216\javascripts or something similar):

      • Update the jsstrings_en.js file PdfDialogContentTopSheets value of "Sheets in Workbook" to "All Dashboards"
      • Update jsstrings_en.js PdfDialogContentDashboardSheets: "Sheets in Dashboard" to “ “
      • Install modified vqlweb.png to change center image to blank


      Once the changes were made, we restart the cluster, clear our browser cache, and everything would show up correctly.  However, in testing the upgrade using the same process as above we are finding that this process doesn’t seem to be yielding the same results.

      I do notice that in addition to the jsstrings_en.js file there is also a jsstrings_en.js.gz file, so to test we updated the .gz files on all machines as well but are still seeing the old dialog in the PDF Export screen after making the changes on all three machines and clearing the browser cache.


      Does anyone know if the process to customize this screen might have changed?  It appears that it is reading the values from a different file, but I’m not sure when one.