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    Bar graph: bars do not start at 0 on the x axis

    Romane Amiot

      Hello all,


      I am facing an issue with graph bars on Tableau. Indeed, I want to display KPIs for various countries for two consecutive years.

      However, when for some countries, the data is negative, the bars don't begin at 0 on the x axis as they should.

      I am faced with this problem on the graph I build for the 2 consecutive years (for the moment, I only have data for previous year).



      However, it works when I directly build my graph only for previous year (Just 'data for previous year in rows, contrary to the 1st graph copied here for which I created a "Measure value field for current year and previous year):

      Here is what I have when I click on "Edit axis" for both cases


      Thank you very much in advance for your help,

      Best regards,